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Terms & Conditions


  1. Each forklift hired is based on a seven day rental period or a part thereof.
  2. The hiring charge commences from when the forklift leaves our facility and continues through to the time you return the forklift to our yard.
  3. When hiring a forklift  from, you are responsible for the insurance. Please see details below.
  4. Unfortunately, we cannot compensate you if you hire the forklift but don’t use it. If however, certain circumstances prevail and you know in advance, please outline details in writing to us and we will do what we can.
  5. cannot accept any responsibility for delays caused due to mechanical breakdown or plant stoppage during the rental period.
  6. When you rent the forklift, you undertake responsibility for ownership of the plant during that period. However, this does not entitle you to actual ownership and therefore you cannot lease, sell or conduct any legal transaction relating to the forklift during the rental period.
  7. You are solely responsible for any damage, loss or accident to the forklift. Equally you are responsible for all safety procedures both in your plant and in any work relating to use of the forklift.
  8.  Payments for each forklift must be made in advance either prior to picking up the forklift or on site when rental term begins.
  9. I have read the insurance requirements and meet the criteria outlined below.

Note: Insurance:

The person hiring the forklift is fully responsible for insurance and must hold a fully comprehensive policy that meet the requirements of the Road Traffic Act. The hirer should note the owners title in the forklift and this should be endorsed on the insurance policty with full indemnity provided to the owner.